Miriam Stayte

Miriam Stayte is an artist based in Sheffield UK


Moon, Landing

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, this is a visual poem that is designed to be read in phases, like the moon. The poem speaks of unity and separation, while the images evoke the presence and influence of the moon here on Earth.

The words are by the writer Nat Loftus, and I created the images and animation. The piece was commissioned by Sheffield’s Off the Shelf Festival and was launched on multiple screens across the city in a ‘TV Takeover’ reminiscent of people everywhere tuning in to the televised moon landing in 1969.

Nat and I also took part in a panel discussion Exploration: Beyond the Moon alongside author Temi Oh and astrophysicist Dr Katherine Inskip.

The work was jointly funded by Off the Shelf Festival and the Institute of Physics.


This image and lots more are available as Giclee prints. Browse them here.

Magenta meadow.jpg

running horse

A series of animated images featuring a slow-motion galloping horse. See more here.

Prints from some of the pieces are available here.


Imagine if you walked into an abandoned room and the faded old wallpaper turned and looked at you . .


Some of the videos on this site have sound, and some are silent. Keep your sound on to make sure you don’t miss anything!