Blackberry Moon, 2020
Frozen worlds
“There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.”  James Carroll
The images in this series were made by photographing flowers that had been frozen in blocks of ice, and then superimposing them on photographs of summer meadows. Visual effects in the video pieces were created digitally.​​​​​​​
You can read more about my ideas and process here.
Blackberry moon with shooting stars, 2020. Thirty second silent video loop.
Clockwise from top left: The light of hidden flowers; We are stardust; Ladder to the stars; Like a riot in the heart. All 2018. 
Birds listening, 2018. Forty second video loop with sound.
Starry sky, 2018
Summer garden, 2018
Blackberry moon with space dust, 2020. Thirty second silent video loop.

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