Self portrait with studio wall, 2018. One minute video loop with sound.
About me
If I’d been born a generation later, I’d probably have become a video game designer.
As a little girl I spent hours drawing, reading, dreaming up fictional places and making up stories with myself as the protagonist. My internal world was an idealised natural landscape populated by birds, horses, forests . . .  a place where the real and imaginary mesh and create something altogether new and unique.
This idea continues to be central to my work. As an adult, it has developed into a fascination with the meaning and symbolism of landscape, and with natural cycles of growth and decay. I also get a huge amount of pleasure from the purely sensory aspects of nature - colour, light, shape, sound.
All the works on this site were created by digitally combining drawing, photography, video and other media. They can be printed, viewed on a screen, or projected.
My working process begins with a general idea of the type of imagery I want to work with. I then spend some time creating the constituent parts, focussing in turn on drawing, photography and so on.
Assembling the different elements into final pieces is very intuitive and involves a lot of editing, discarding and reconfiguring. This way of working helps to blur the boundary between real and imagined as well as enabling me to integrate disparate material into a coherent whole.
Although I work digitally, I think like a painter. I see my video pieces as paintings with movement, and I make decisions about colour and composition in the same way that a painter might.
The art I’m inspired by is usually immersive in some way: Monet’s massive waterlilies; Julie Mehretu’s complex, multi-layered paintings; the beautiful hand-drawn video game 'Gris'. Cinemagraphs and GIFs have also been an influence by demonstrating that moving images can be short and simple.
I think art should be everywhere. Not just in galleries but in workplaces, homes, schools, enriching our lives wherever we are.
I grew up in London, did a degree in Fine Art and later trained as a landscape architect. I'm based in Sheffield, in the north of England.
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