Self portrait with studio wall, 2018. One minute video loop with sound.
My work explores the tension between a vivid internal world and the external world - especially where the external world is awkward, unfathomable and frightening, and the internal one is vibrant, safe, and integrated.
The wall becomes the liminal space where the two meet, forming a permeable veil that is frequently crossed; hence my preoccupation with images on/through walls and wallpaper as a device to draw attention to this space.
My working process is mostly very intuitive, combining stills and video, rearranging, editing, adding and discarding elements until the piece feels right. Working digitally enables me to integrate material from lots of different sources and also serves as a distancing device, enhancing the feeling of dislocation which is at the core of my work.
I grew up in London and studied Fine Art and then Landscape Architecture. After working in a variety of design and project management roles I came back to my creative practice and now work from my studio in Sheffield, UK.