Empty room with deer wallpaper, 2018. Mockup for installation with 20 second silent video loop.
Embodied walls
This is a series of pieces that attempt to give expression to the unique spirit of a place - or genus loci. They are all intended to be viewed at a large scale on internal walls to create an immersive experience for the viewer. Many of the elements - horse, blossom, bird - are from my personal lexicon which has evolved from my own internal world. They also have a lineage that goes from a childhood compulsion to draw on the walls all the way back to cave art.
You can read more about my ideas and process here.
Leaves and buds, 2020. Silent one minute video loop.
Running animals, 2016
Running horse, 2019. Thirty second silent video loop. Commissioned by the Making Ways project in Sheffield. Additional versions shown below.
Sparrows, 2019
Botanical wall, 2019. Mockup for video installation, silent 2 minute loop.

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