Moon, Landing, 2019. Three minute silent video loop.
Originally inspired by the 'Moon, Landing' piece, the moon has become a recurring theme in my work. It offers another avenue in my exploration of the seasons and the cycles of nature, and its repeating nature fits well into my format of looping videos.
'Moon, Landing' was commissioned by Off the Shelf Festival and the Institute of Physics, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in 2019. This was a collaboration with writer Nat Loftus, and it's a visual poem to be read in phases, like the moon. I also took part in a panel discussion 'Exploration: Beyond the Moon', alongside Nat, author Temi Oh and astrophysicist Dr Katherine Inskip.
You can read more about my ideas and process here.
Fallen moon, 2020
Three small moons, 2019
Moonfall 1, 2020
Luna, 2020. Two minute silent video loop.
Moonfall 2, 2020. Silent video loop, 45 seconds.

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