Petrified forest, 2017
The whole of Europe was once covered in deep forest - the ancient wildwood. A place of wonder and fear as well as fuel and food, it was the source of countless legends and fairytales. I became fascinated by the meaning and symbolism of landscape while training as a landscape architect but have always responded to it in a very visceral way, and feel an almost primal connection to it. All of this is in my mind when I'm working on these pieces.
You can read more about my ideas and process here.
Forest of light, 2016
Stardust, 2019. Three minute experimental video. Sound by Inclusion Principle.
Burnt forest, 2017
Forest edge 1, 2016
Seeding, 2017. Thirty second video loop with sound.
Tangled forest, 2017
Forest edge 2, 2016

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