This series is my first step towards developing a visual lexicon of elements that appear regularly in my work and have personal meaning for me. The forest and the wall are always present, but there is also a cast of characters - mostly animals - that keep on showing up. Running Horse is the first of these to have a short series dedicated to it.

Each of the six pieces here uses the same basic components - horse, birds, wallpaper, drawing - to make an image with movement that is designed to loop indefinitely. Changing the way the components are blended enabled me to create several versions that are not only different aesthetically but also interpret the material in different ways. Is it a real horse running through a forest? Is it a dream horse or ghost horse, materialising on an old wall? Has the wallpaper come to life or is it dissolving to reveal something else? Why are the birds frozen when the horse is moving? And what is that fluttering glittery stuff?!

The middle image in the top row was commissioned by the Making Ways project in Sheffield and will be used alongside videos by other artists to celebrate and promote Sheffield’s creative scene.

Prints and digital downloads will available soon.